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Alfalfa Test – June 17, 2002

Alfalfa Test – October 7, 2002

Alfalfa Test – November 11, 2002

Consulting with a tree doctor about
our sick cypress tree 

With Eartheart Naturals, you need to see the results to believe them!

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Greetings from Pequot Lakes

Eartheart products have been saving my trees from disease and drought stress, generally poor soil and harsh weather conditions over the course of 10 years since I moved up north.  As other properties lose their splendid and enormous old white pines, mine are still burgeoning forth with new healthy growth.  My spindly birches put out lush foliage and maintain health over dessicating summers, the spruce and red pines have not faltered, and this year my fruit trees were so laden the branches draped on the ground.

I have a love of trees and Eartheart has helped my north woods property maintain it’s old majestic trees and to support new fruit trees and shrubs and younger trees for screening the yard.  As our climate changes continue to present new challenges to long term growth and health of indigenous trees and plants, and to maintaining a beautiful landscape, Eartheart has become an indispensable partner.   Their service is top notch, their knowledge is cutting edge, and their delivery consistent and reliable.  And most importantly, is their feedback.  Without their continuing dialogue in facing the issues of each new season, I (my trees) would not have the superb growth and health that I (they) do.

Love your trees, and shrubs; love Eartheart.