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Safe, Regenerative, Bio-Dynamic, Carbon Conscious & Sustainable Tree & Lawn Care

Welcome to Deblen!

Minnesota's one and only service that exclusively applies all-natural, plant-based, and earth friendly tree food and fertilizer to your trees, plantings, lawn, and turf surfaces.

More and more homeowners are learning about the risks of chemical use in their yards, and want something better. We hear you, and we agree.

One yard at a time, Deblen is changing Minnesota back to the healthy place it should be.

Your trees, grass, and plants can be beautiful and healthy without a drop of poison.

Enjoy our website & contact us to make your yard the healthy place you want it to be.


Call or Text Deblen to arrange your tree and turf assessment.

*Some areas may incur additional travel charges. Deblen does not apply anything that kills, including insecticides, fungicides, or weed killers. We address disease and insects through a holistic approach, which is safe for you and the earth. No diagnosis/assessment implies a guarantee of success with tree or soil treatments. Every situation is different.