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Alfalfa Test – June 17, 2002

Alfalfa Test – October 7, 2002

Alfalfa Test – November 11, 2002

Consulting with a tree doctor about
our sick cypress tree 

Greetings from Pequot Lakes

Eartheart products have been saving my trees from disease and drought stress, generally poor soil and harsh weather conditions over the course of 10 years since I moved up north.  As other properties lose their splendid and enormous old white pines, mine are still burgeoning forth with new healthy growth.  My spindly birches put out lush foliage and maintain health over dessicating summers, the spruce and red pines have not faltered, and this year my fruit trees were so laden the branches draped on the ground.

I have a love of trees and Eartheart has helped my north woods property maintain it’s old majestic trees and to support new fruit trees and shrubs and younger trees for screening the yard.  As our climate changes continue to present new challenges to long term growth and health of indigenous trees and plants, and to maintaining a beautiful landscape, Eartheart has become an indispensable partner.   Their service is top notch, their knowledge is cutting edge, and their delivery consistent and reliable.  And most importantly, is their feedback.  Without their continuing dialogue in facing the issues of each new season, I (my trees) would not have the superb growth and health that I (they) do.

Love your trees, and shrubs; love Eartheart.

What are people saying about Eartheart Naturals Energy Water?

UNEXPECTED $ WINDFALL BENEFIT FROM THE ENERGIZED WATER SHOWER UNIT – SAVED $1,100 and counting . . . When I purchased the Energized Water Shower Unit I was delighted to experience what so may other testimonials had shared.  Such as my skin was softer and no longer dry, my shower stall & fixtures no longer had deposits and scale, no more chemical smells in the shower water, and it is rejuvenating to be showered with energized water.  However, I did not expect to save $1,100 and counting.  And, that is the savings AFTER deducting the cost of the Shower Unit.  I have lived in my rental for 7 years.  Despite using good drain traps, I would have to retain a plumber to come out every 3 months to clear the drain of hair that would get through and catch on whatever was in the drain pipe and stop draining (at $180/visit).  After installing the Energized Water Shower Unit about 2 years ago, I have NOT had to have the plumber out once.  From what I can tell, the energized water has dissolved whatever built up inside the drain pipe so that there is now nothing for hair to grab onto and just flows right through.  Before I always had problems with a slow drain even though it is a new home built 10 years ago.  Installing the Shower Unit is the ONLY change made to the shower or the pipes – and thus it is clear that this effect is from the shower unit.  I felt confident that purchasing the energized water shower unit was going to be a health investment, but I did not realize that it would also be a wise financial investment.  Because I have not had to pay for plumber visits since installation of the shower unit- it has paid for itself many times over . . and continuing.  Thank you  – I am very grateful.
Deborah, California

I used the Energy Water Unit on my wheat grass . When I purchased the Energy Water DE Portable I told myself that I would have to see or experience clear and concrete benefits, so I did a test and used regular tap for one tray and Energy Water for the other . Right from the beginning there was a marked difference, and it’s very clear in the finished trays.  My 2 grown sons were entirely doubtful.  But when they saw the wheat grass trays they wanted to use it at every opportunity! One glance at the trays tells the difference, you do not have to hem and haw and try to figure it out etc. Very amazing!

These pictures were taken in the garden, at the home of Mr. Laphon Puyo’s where his amazing tomatoes are watered with Energy Water.


He writes:

I am retired close to the city of Pau, in France, and let me inform you about the results I have thanks to Energy Water.
The pictures I send you are proving the results I had in my garden.

Baths feel better, pH is stabilized to 7, I don’t have to use pH reducer anymore.?  And these tomatoes are out of this world! The one in the top picture is over 2 lbs (1kg) all by itself!
Pau, in France

I got my unit in this week. LOVE IT!!! The water is lighter and softer…even kind of effervescent! I use less soap in washing maching, dishwasher and in the bathroom. I also already notice a change within me…my skin is looking better…dark spots are lightening up, and it’s only been 4 days! I just can’t thank you enough for your inspired work. The plumber asked about becoming a distributor….do you have that set up?
Many blessings and many thank you’s,
Dot Schaefer in Montgomery

Recently I have started having brown pigmented areas on my face. These look like scabs but they are not scabs. It is brown pigment under the skin.
When I started drinking the Energy Water, they seemed to float to the surface of my skin and peel off and the skin underneath is perfect with no residual sign of blemish.
This leads me to wonder what it is doing inside my body?
Mary Davis


I’m back from India – kinda. Hey, I took my Energy Water device to India and tried it out in BOMBAY on ordinary tap water. (I musta been crazy, yeah!?) I drank the Energy Water and…am alive and well to tell the tale! I won’t do that again – I’ll energize bottled water instead: Bombay tap water probably contains dead bodies and god knows what else. I wasn’t thinking about that – just wanted to see whether “energizing” the water would protect me. You can tell: a big Yes!
Anthea G


Our new ‘Energy Water device’ is producing amazing changes in our water! My skin feels soft and lubricated after bathing.  I use less shampoo.  Less soap is needed for washing the clothes.  The new water has rejuvenated our plants.  My husband says our water tastes better too; and morning coffee is smooth – no longer bitter.  We love the new ‘Energy Water device’ and the new life it has produced in our water.
Lileth B. Randall, SLC UT


I tried to call you and I left a message. I’ve been drinking “the water”. Cindi took a bath in it and she came out with a healthy color and glow. Her skin is like silk. I got jealous and took a bath in it too. Unreal! My legs have been itching and I scratch them until they bleed. After that bath – no itch. Our hair is soft and – it’s a real trip! WOW!


After a long week and a shorter weekend, I was just drained on a  Sunday. My friend called me and I told him I was really tired of “being tired” all of the time.  He said he had something for me to try and brought over some water from the Energy Water device. I was a complete skeptic, as always.

After drinking about three glasses of this water however, I felt like  a new person and so did my wife after she had a couple of glasses. We were both in awe!  We had a raw, natural energy that we hadn’t felt in years!  We went from exhausted, to feeling 20 years younger, in a matter of an hour!

Now we have a  Energy Water device of our own.  The benefits are
incredible!  We both feel better, our skin is like silk. The “itchy leg syndrome” that seemed to be haunting us and the rest of the country when we try to go to sleep is gone. That is worth so much in itself,  it’s hard to stress. The bathtub is clean and does not have the standard mold and buildup associated with showers.

We’re not sure how the Energy Water device does it’s magic, but it IS MAGIC! We wouldn’t go a day without it now…
Brian Z. – Salt Lake City, Utah


Since installing the Home Engery Water device in my home, there has been a noticeable improvement in several areas. First is the very refreshing smoother taste. Baths and showers are more refreshing and my dry skin condition has improved significantly. Numerous other changes include no lime deposits on the shower heads, cleaner shower walls, and even the commode requires less cleaning. The swamp cooler is much more efficient, cooling faster and running less with similar temperatures as last year. When I went up on the roof to check it out I found the inside of the cooler clean, just like new. Further, after a Garden Energy Water unit was installed in my lawn sprinkler system, the grass is greener and requires less fertilizer.
Bill C


After hooking up the under sink unit that I purchased from you, I am convinced that what you say is true. It has empowered me to be at my best 24/7. I run a small electronics company and most days are very challenging.

My wife of 34 years seem to have grown in different directions. I was pretty normal when we got married but she thinks I am crazy now. So I started drinking the water and she has also. WOW, now I stay full of love most of the time, and it appears to have assisted my wife also. At this point in time I would like to spread this around.

I think I may be addicted, I get out of the shower and have to go to the basement and get some energized water. I wake up at nite thirsty, I drink energized water. I love the way I feel.  Honestly the water has helped me become a beacon of light 24/7.


We took our Energy Water Portable unit on our trip to Mexico, the main thing is that it was wonderful not to have to worry about lugging 10 days worth of bottled water for 2 people plus doggie down there with us.  We stayed at our friends’ beach house where people normally bring their own water or have water delivered.  It’s so nice to be self-sufficient with it all, and know we are safe even when washing fruit and veggies and dishes, because when in Mexico, it’s not just about drinking the water.  (How many people who go down there are going to wash with bottled water?)  The water tasted great and felt as good to drink as being at home.  We’ve been back for a week now and never did get Montezuma’s revenge or any indication that the water we energized was anything but totally safe to drink. Thanks!
Love, Victoria