Commercial Growers

It's not just the hobbyist gardeners, urban farmers, and sustainable food advocates that have discovered the power of Eartheart.

Commercial farmers of all sizes and with all kinds of crops are to using the Eartheart products to increase crop yields, provide more nutritional crops, improve soil quality, and eliminate damaging environmental elements (like molds, fungus, bacteria or insects).

Eartheart products have been scientifically applied to commercial crops to achieve up to 30% increase in production and quality. These amazing results have been experienced by growers of crops like alfalfa, corn, grapes, apples, peaches, and nuts in diverse locations as Minnesota, Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, California and Mexico.

If you're a commercial farmer or grower and you'd like to use the Eartheart products and services to see these kinds of benefits in your fields or groves, please contact us at

We'll be glad to discuss your specific needs and our bulk product pricing and shipping guidelines.

Eartheart is committed to the success of all of our growers. That's why we include, help with product selection and use consultations. We'll need you to provide a copy of a recent soil analysis and we can customize our products to your land. We can even go so far as to focus on a specific parcel or a type of crop.

Please note that while we love the earth, we do not provide soil analysis ourselves (so don't mail us any soil samples). We can, however, refer you to several reputable labs that we know to do excellent work for a reasonable cost.