Immune Assist Testimonials

  • I have bad knees. I farm, I am always on the move.  I started on Immune Assist,  and in less than 2 weeks my knees felt so good. I am a fast paced and high energy person. I cannot afford to have my knees slow me down. Immune Assist is awesome. I recommend it to everyone! RS Mn

  •  After almost 4 years of taking the Immune Assist Capsules and loving the relief of pain in my feet, knees, hips, and back...I lost track of my routine and stopped taking it for 2 months. What a mistake! Every ache and pain came back gradually. This shows how important it is to take my capsules every day. I am back on track and cannot wait to get rid of my pain again. C.N. MN

  • I've been taking Immune Assist capsules for about 3 years from Eartheart Naturals. If I ever ran low and only was able to take 1 or no capsules per day, I would definitely notice something was missing from my day, I am losing weight, have more energy, my mood has improved, and my family notices I am happier too. This is huge for me because I have a stressful job and a history of depression and anxiety. I am very pleased. CN Minnesota

• My teenage daughter has Lyme Disease and has many of the terrible symptoms that accompany it. She has been taking the Capsules for a couple weeks now. She has been showing signs of more energy, this is huge because she has very little of it. She has also been dealing with her anxiety better and sleep is improving for her too. We look forward to seeing more progress.

• “My 9 year-old daughter has Keratosis Pilaris (hard bumps on the back of her arms). Some days they itch but always are embarrassing to a young girl. We have seen the doctor & she was given antibiotic creams, steroid creams (yuck) and we have tried a washing regimen to alleviate the bumps - but no luck! I now give her 1 capsule in yogurt or applesauce every other day. I have noticed that they aren't as itchy and they don't seem to be as hard and bumpy as they have been in the past. I have also noticed that her nails are growing faster.”
Rapid City, SD

• “I am 43 & have always had a thick head of hair & strong nails, until the last few years. My hair has thinned & heaven forbid I even started to get gray hairs here & there. I started taking 1 & am up to 4 capsules a day. My nails have thickened, my hair seems to be filling back in & I swear that my gray hairs have gotten finer & less coarse. I have also lost 10+ pounds, have tons of energy & have less cravings for junk food. I feel great again!”
Rapid City, SD

• “I am a 89 & I have been taking 1 capsule a day for only 30 days or so. I have noticed a little more energy during the day. I have dealt with Sciatica & Restless Leg Syndrome for many years. I have noticed less pain down the back of my leg & less symptoms of the RLS. Being 89 I have been fighting incontinence too. My bowel movements have evened out & the incontinence isn't as bad. I will keep taking it.”
Rapid City, SC

• “My 7 year-old daughter has always had brittle hair & nails. Since she has started taking Immune Assist her nails are thickening & stronger & her hair looks great & even has some bounce in it.”
Rapid City, SD

• “I was taking the 300mg Immune Assist capsules for 2 months and ran out. I have noticed that since not taking Them I feel very bloated all the time, especially after eating. While taking 2 capsules a day, I did not experience this. ”

• “I have dealt with restless leg syndrome for years. Nothing would help other than a super hot shower. It was so stressful. I didn't want to take pharmaceutical drugs, and so I just dealt with it as best as I could. I started taking Immune Assist supplements for the general healthy benefits. Among the many benefits so far, my restless leg syndrome symptoms have virtually disappeared. It's so nice not dealing with that stress, I fall asleep really fast now.”

• “I’m a 46 y/o Supervisor for the USPO. I use to take both Prilosec and Nexium for my acid stomach. After 3 weeks of taking Immune Assist , I love have my morning coffee again, it’s been 5 years since I tasted it. I also feel great and put in a 60 hour work week. I have been taking It for 8 months. ”
R. D.
N. J.

• “I’m a 69 year old diabetic and after taking Immune Assist for 4 months I stopped taking Metformin. After another 2 months I stopped injecting myself. It has been 1 year and no meds for diabetes! My stomach feels great since I stopped the needles ”
R. D.

• “I’m a former owner of 23 gyms in the N.Y. and N. J. area, am 65 years old, 5’ 5” and 250 pounds. I use to take $125.00 worth of supplements a month and now I take 3-6 capsules a day of Immune Assist  depending on my workout schedule. If I was younger I would go pro with this product. My workout recovery time is incredible. ”
J. B.

• “I’m a 73 year old woman who had aches and pains, I thought from old age. I have been taking 2 capsules of Immune Assist for 1 year now and I feel great! No more pain!! I also have my husband taking them and he pays more attention to me, a good thing. ”
E & J T
Brooklyn N Y

• “I’m a 56 y/o truck driver and I keep my sugar in check with Immune Assist It also helps me focus on the road. Oh, a few weeks ago I was coming down with a summer cold so I doubled up on them and in 3 days all gone. Thanks. ”

• “I’m a 64 y/o grandmother and I take Immune Assist every day. The clarity I feel along with the relief of my arthritics is a God send. ”

• “I’m a 63 y/o car salesmen and am always stressed trying to do the next deal. But since I have been taking Immune Assist I feel great! No stress, No aches or pains and sales have been good. I have recommended the product to all my friends and they think it’s great as well. ”
S.I. N.Y.

• “I’m a 64 year old retired meter reader and a published author. Believe me, the arthritis pains I had from being a walking meter reader for 20 years was incredible! I have been taking Immune Assist for 15 months and I have just come back from black bear hunting in N C. Didn’t shoot anything but didn’t have any pains thanks to [Amino 19]. ”

• “I’m a 64 year old man who was a letter carrier for 20 years. I have since retired and still workout at the gym 3 times a week. My work outs are longer and my recovery time is shorter now that I am taking Immune Assist. I use to end it with 15 minutes of spinning. Now I do 30 minutes and I can go 45!! No pains! Thanks!”
Bklyn NY

• “My name is Brandy XXXX XXXXXXX. I am 41 years of age. I took 2 capsules a day before and after my hysterectomy surgery. Its great , I only missed 8 days of work . My doctor even read up on Immune Assist and said it's ok for me and my dad to take who has sugar diabetes. ”

• “my brother Mike told me to buy four kinds of (another supplement) for 300 dollars ... Immune Assist is only $120 a month. This was back in March and I take 1 every single day. ”
(Age 56)

• “I’m a 58 y/o woman who works for the Board of Education. I am allergic to sulfur of any kind and endured pain everyday with no medications. It was 3 weeks before Mother’s Day when I started taking Immune Assist. It has sulfur in it. I have to tell you that I was hesitant but I was assured that the sulfur was different and came though a plant and it would not have any harmful effects like the rashes and swelling I usually get. Well on Mother’s day my 2 boys took me out for dinner and I was telling them how great I was feeling since I started taking it, so they looked at me and said OK Mom how about a glass of wine. Hmmm, I was quick to say no because of the sulfur in wine but they twisted my arms, both of them, 1 on each side, so I said ok. I have to tell you I had 2 glasses and felt a lil tipsy but no allergic reaction! Thank you!”

• “[ ]my soul mate Roy left this world last October and my days seemed long and painful. Those migraine headaches came hard and fast even in the morning. Dr. [ ]prescribed several types of meds that barely did anything and then I talked to Nina at the Main St. Market [ ]and she recomended the Curamin. It worked ok as long as i took 5 in the morning and 3 before bed. I remember you said that day that my medication costs would make a monthly payment on my Lincoln and you knew a company in Minnesota that has a super healthy capsule that has all vegetable minerals that might help me slow or stop migraines.
If you remember, I looked at you and frowned because I was thinkin How in the h..... am I gonna stop these headaches?
So I bought $275 or so of Curamin, a couple carob cakes and a bottle of cranberry juice.
Out side the store you ran up to my car and handed that business card that ran through the washing machine and a brochure and said call me when you want to get a program to nudge yourself into a self help physical, and maybe mental, repair that you do !!! After I drove away I kept thinkin ... this is something that I do, me, the person who can barely sleep, can't get my mind off Roy an all the fun we had ... and a guy I never met before, don't really know just told me he would like to see me help myself.
I almost didn't buy a 120 dollar bottle and I almost didn't think I would ever take any and I a l m o s t thought I can't do this.
That night around 10 oclock news my forehead started to sweat so I took 2 Immune Assist capsules and shut the tv off[]Had to admit the dark room seemed to help at first and then by, oh 12:15 after breathing deep and prayin this would help the throbbin went down and I fell asleep. My 8 am coffee meeting went away cause I slept til quarter after 8 and woke up mostly refreshed and rested.
I called my coffee date girlfriends and apologized. They were worried til I told them what happened and boasted some that I got just enough help from a pill to train myself to heal myself. ... They didn't laugh because us women have plenty of problems that we could actually fix for ourselves ( with a little help from our friends .. at Immune Assist. So Thank you Thank you for all you have done[] ”