We want to help your yard be healthy!

Chemical Fertilizers and Weed Control- Enemy to the Earth and Your enemy too!


Deblen is committed to providing high quality, BEYOND organic services for everyone who wants green grass without the poisons.

Not true for the other companies out there trying to tell you that urea based fertilizers, glyphosate, and other herbicides are ok. Telling you to buy their “liquid death” at the store. Fooling you with staged photos of happy families laying in their poison laden landscapes. Puppies playing on a manicured toxic green carpet of grass.

Don’t allow this assault on your life to continue in the name of green grass and weed control. This is not the way! Urea heats the soil while making grass green, animal or sewage based fertilizer adds chemicals and antibiotics which hurts the natural balance in the soil.

Killing weeds by burning them with toxic chemical mixes only makes things worse. Weeds are vital for the balance of soil. Weeds bring up necessary components to the surface to balance the ph. For instance dandelion plants bring calcium. So, if you hate dandelions, applying good calcium in the soil ahead of time reduces the need for the dandelion to grow, eventually eliminating them altogether with out a drop of poison, by encouraging dormancy instead. Makes sense right? 

Deblen's lawn foods are equipped with trace minerals that weeds produce in nature. So if you feed your lawn and landscape with them, weeds are eventually lessened. In time, usually 2 years or so, your grass is so dense and healthy that dormant weeds are less necessary from a balanced ph thanks to Deblen. Simple science combined with a love for all living things is the best way in our opinion. 

Our History

It was 1973 and Len Nelson was frustrated. He owned a tree service company in Park Rapids, MN for several years, it was work that he both loved and found profoundly fulfilling. There was something truly special about helping something grow, taking care of it, and protecting beauty in the world.

But despite all of their satisfaction in what he did for his customers, he wanted to be able to give them better results; there just wasn’t a plant food out there that could do what he needed.

Refusing to accept that this was the best he could get, Len began searching for a better answer. After years of looking, Len learned of the revolutionary work being done by a scientist in South Dakota, exploring ways in which kelp can be used in plant food.

Intrigued by this new approach, Len called the scientist to learn more about his research. During the call Len learned that kelp increases the level of chlorophyll in a plant, the green pigment essential for plant development. Chlorophyll helps improve the way the plant uses the sunlight to create energy and fuel healthy growth. It also raises its natural defenses to help it fight off disease.

Len knew that he had found a new plant superfood, something that had the potential to create amazing results. And shortly thereafter, a new product was born, the tree food we use to save trees.

Within a few weeks of using the new product, Len saw the number of sick trees decline almost to nothing! Not only did it take care of the trees that Len cared for, but also virtually every plant Len used it on responded.

As a result, Deblen the Tree Doctor was born. The newly born company began expanding its research on kelp plant foods science and ways to increase the efficiency of kelp based plant foods by adding all natural ingredients.

Naturally, we ended up creating a lawn food too to eliminate chemical wilt caused by fertilizers and herbicides. Enter: Deblen the Turf Doctor.

The last 40 years have been very exciting. Join Deblen the next 40 and let’s see how we can make the earth a more beautiful place!