Your plants are hungry and thirsty!

Your plants are hungry and thirsty!

Growing plants in native, untouched soil next to a quiet stream or lake is the best place for them to feed & drink naturally. Perfect microbe activity, perfect pH, no chemicals, clean water table, low stress-high energy growing. Sounds like your back yard right? No?

Well, if you are like the majority of people, the above does not apply to your yard. You plant and nothing happens, small plants, small yields, or none at all. So what do you do?...You improve the soil your plants are living in and the water they are being given, it is that simple. Is it simple? Not really if you don't know where to look, or what to use. We will list a few important things you can do to change poor soil and water.

You need:

-A way to rid residual chemicals from the soil. Most new construction sites have "dead soil" brought in, most old farm land is also "dead" from years of herbicides and fertilizers killing the microbiome in the soil. 

-Proper source of food like compost or a clean nutrition source, like an all natural plant food with NO chemicals, and good NPK supplements,(nitrogen, phosphorus, potash).

-Proper Mychorizza in your soil to support the mineral uptake for your plants.

-A way to energize city water sources, and/or neutralize chemicals found in many agricultural area's water, even if from rural areas.

-Worm Castings are a great way to boost your soil, but only those that are from a clean source. These will invite new life into your yard.

-Structured water energizing is a way to revitalize "dead" water so it can give your plants what they are designed to hydrate with. "Dead" water is anything from a treatment plant, and agricultrul area, holding tanks, cisterns, or the like. The difference is amazing once water has be re-Structured. 

The above solutions are available through some websites, but look close for and avoid products with chemicals, urea, inert/artificial ingredients. It is worth the time spent to search out the things needed.

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